Encapsulate Me

Hi, my name is Jenny, I am a Midwife and Holistic Therapist.  I am the owner of White Wave Therapies that provides Clinical and Pregnancy Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki.  I have now created “Encapsulate Me” placenta encapsulation services.


Zoe Sage

Zoe Sage is a store designed to create a simple, stress-free experience for mums with new babies and beyond. Our products aim to make mamas feel happy to get out and about; easily feeding, transporting, carrying and supporting their babies.

Perth Key Therapy

Perth Key Therapy uses 100% drug-free technology to relieve and manage pain. Non-invasive interactive neurostimulation can assist pregnant mamas and new mamas with a variety of concerns, including carpal tunnel syndrome, back and hip pain.

Lucy-Anne Lewis

Specialising in women’s health, particularly (but not limited to) pregnant and postnatal women. I provide integrated solutions for optimal health, performance and personal growth, including postnatal depression, anxiety, stress and hormonal changes.

Vicki Hobbs

My mission is to provide you with education, planning and preparation for an empowered birth. I provide Hypnobirthing and childbirth education workshops, massage, doula services, placenta encapsulation and more.


Kate Barnes Health

Kate is on a mission to deeply nourish the hearts of women and their families. As a certified holistic health coach her philosophy transforms her clients’ health and happiness from the inside out.

Baby Mumma Perth

Baby Mumma Perth aims to be your one-stop parents’ shop, bringing you the tools to make your parenting journey easier and more fun. From baby carriers to cloth nappies, we have everything you need!

serenity wellness collective

Serenity Wellness

 Offering essential oils, aroma touch massage, meditation and mindfulness – A collective of natural alternatives to support health, balance and happiness. I offer workshops as well as wellness consults.

Econscious Living

Una, owner of Econscious Living, is a passionate environmental scientist. She can empower you to create a healthy, green home and workspace. Una conducts reviews helping you prioritise the removal of toxicants from your home.


Started by Masters-qualified Physio Taryn Watson, FitRight provides a variety of small group pilates and fitness classes for expectant mums, new Mums and not-so-new Mums all over Perth and Mandurah, run by qualified physios.

breastfeeding, lactation consultant, lactation consultant perth, tongue tie, lip tie, buccal tie

Best Start Lactation

Eve is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and it is her passion to support women and their families through breastfeeding challenges to help them achieve their goals! She also hires Spectra breast pumps.

perth chiropractor, kids chiropractor perth

Giuntini Chiropractic

At Giuntini Chiropractic we love kids and families. In fact, all of Dr Edna’s study has been on paediatric development, primitive reflexes, normal stages of growth, movement patterns and chiropractic techniques for babies. We’re here to support you.

perth nutritionist, pregnancy nutrition

Flow Holistic Nutrition

Aimee is a clinical nutritionist with a BHSc in Nutritional Medicine. She created Flow Holistic Nutrition to educate people about the power of food as medicine, working in line with this philosophy allows her to help you feel vibrant, vital and well.

black swan first aid training

Black Swan First Aid

Black Swan First Aid Training is a boutique-style first aid training service providing first aid training in-home and across the Perth metropolitan area. Our facilitators are ambulance paramedics or nurses and our training is parent-focused.


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