A free pelvic floor safe workout for mums and mums-to-be

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There are so many options when it comes to exercise classes, from Crossfit to Bikram yoga, Aerobics to Pilates and everything in between.


But not all exercises are safe during pregnancy and in the initial postnatal period


AND not all instructors are suitably qualified to support women during this stage of life.


FitRight founder, Women’s Health Physio, Taryn Watson has made it her business to ensure women can access safe workouts during a time when their bodies require some extra care.


She has generously shared one of her workouts for free in the video below.



About this workout for mums

This 30-minute exercise routine has been created by Women’s Health Physiotherapist Taryn Watson and is suitable for both pregnant and non-pregnant women.


It is designed as an example of a ‘pelvic floor friendly’ workout routine and aims to show how you can incorporate cardio, pelvic floor, abs and glutes into a challenging but low impact and low load workout.


The only equipment required is a piece of theraband (mine is Blue strength) however it can be done without this.


Pregnancy precautions to be aware of include ensuring that you’re able to hold a conversation during the workout, and not working through any pelvic joint (or other) pain.


This routine makes the assumption that you have had a pelvic floor assessment with a physiotherapist with extra training in pelvic health.


Would you like access to more workouts like this for only $1?

Women’s Health Physio Taryn Watson wanted women to have access to good quality, evidence-based education and safe, pelvic-floor-friendly home workouts at an affordable price, so she created the FitRight membership.


The membership includes:

  • Access to a library of workouts, with new videos added regularly, led by Women’s Health Physio Taryn Watson and her team. These workouts focus on pelvic floor health, posture, flexibility and general strength and fitness to deal with the demands of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Access to Taryn’s Education videos, covering everything you need to know about the pelvic floor, exercising during pregnancy, early post-birth recovery tips, physiotherapy for newborn babies, and more.
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with Women’s Health Physio Taryn Watson and her chosen guest speakers, on a variety of topics to do with Women’s Health.
  • Access to a like-minded group of expectant and new mothers wanting to keep fit the right way during their pregnancy and beyond.


You can join now for only $1 (usual price $19 per month) with no lock-in contract, cancel anytime.


To access this incredible resource CLICK HERE.


This post is sponsored by FitRight.

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