A Healthy Home-Baking Hack for Busy Mums

Getting kids (especially toddlers) to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet can be a challenge; parents are busy, there are frequent birthday parties to attend, and misleading food labels add an extra level of difficulty, not to mention normal developmental stages of fussiness!
Sally, mum and founder of BakeMe Snacks, decided to do something to help busy mums create healthy snacks for their kids. She set out to create the ultimate home-baking hack, an easy shortcut so baking healthy snacks at home wasn’t such a huge task. So that parents could be confident that their kids weren’t being fuelled with sugar (nor the sneaky sugar cousins like malt syrups, corn syrups and fruit concentrates). She developed a range of bake-at-home mixes with no added sugar and comprised of organic ingredients, that could be made into healthy bars in three steps. Sally has provided a 15% off code for the Wholehearted Family Health village, you will find it below.


Sally, creator of BakeMe Snacks

With a variety of flavours, including some lunchbox friendly (nut and egg free) options, the mixes have been very popular with mums…
“I loved the whole BakeMe Snacks process!! The packaging, care and attention.  The recipe was really easy to make. My son loves them and I was incredibly happy to find something healthier than the child’s sugar laden muesli bars on the market.” Tania M


“We have tried 2 of the flavours so far and they have been a massive hit (especially with my husband, who managed to pretty much eat the majority of the muesli and yoghurt bars). Might have to hide the next batch from him so my son can enjoy them for longer. I absolutely loved the simplicity of making the bars, pre-children I loved taking the time to prepare and bake from scratch however I have a very clingy little boy who loves being by Mummy’s side all day long and it makes it very difficult to put the extra time into baking him snacks, so thankyou for making the fabulous healthy products which have made it quick and easy for me.” Catherine T


The bars can be made in 3 easy steps! Here is the Berry, Oat and Chia mix..

1. Blend together a banana, egg and some milk (or milk alternative)

2. Mix the blended banana mix with the dried berries and dry ingredient mix, before spreading in a lined tin

3. Bake for half an hour


The bars can be kept for three days in the fridge (or frozen for four weeks), if they last that long!



If you would like to try BakeMe Snacks, there is an exclusive discount offer just for the Wholehearted Family Health village. Just place your order at www.bakemesnacks.com.au and enter the code WHOLEHEARTED at the checkout, and you’ll receive 15% off your order! Limit of one discount per person.

You can also find BakeMe Snacks on Facebook and Instagram

Happy baking!

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