Positive birth story series: My calm caesarean birth

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Lucy-Anne Lewis shares her positive birth story…


The decision for a caesarean

I had a breeze of a pregnancy. It was, as the textbooks would say, normal.


But, as we were getting to the pointy end, she started measuring big. I had lots of scans to monitor it and my obstetrician kept me informed of what we might expect if she continued to measure big. When, at my 38 weeks scan, she measured in the 97th percentile I knew I’d be having a caesarean birth.


I went to see my obstetrician a couple of days after the scan. He laid it all out. What would happen if he let me labour naturally, if he induced me, or if we opted for a caesarean. She might get stuck, shoulder dystocia, it would be traumatic for all of us…


We didn’t hesitate…caesarean.


We didn’t want a traumatic experience, we didn’t want to put both of our lives in danger. We would rather book the surgery and have all the scans be wrong and her be a tiny baby. So, we booked it in. We left our Tuesday morning appointment with the birth booked for Friday. Then came the worst 2 days ever!


Things got bumpy

There was only one anaesthetist who could do my surgery and he wanted to meet me, so on Wednesday I headed down to his office. I have an anomaly in my back and he freaked out about it. I couldn’t find any of my x-rays or scans and he wanted to put me under a general anaesthetic for my birth.


Somehow he managed to fit me in for a CT scan the next day, at a hospital 45 minutes away. I’d been in tears for a day thinking I was going to miss the birth of my baby.


Meanwhile, at the same time, my 8-year-old rabbit was dying.


On the Thursday, my mum picked me up and drove me to my CT appointment, waited with me, and then drove me home to wait for a mobile vet to come and euthanise my rabbit.


The results of the scan came back saying it’s ok, I can have an epidural. The vet then came and I said an emotional goodbye to my little companion of the last 8 years. My mum took his body up to her house where my dad buried him and made him a little grave.


By this time I am so tired and overwhelmed. And the next day I was due to meet my daughter.


Then…my positive birth story: my calm caesarean

We arrived at the hospital at the specified time, were shown to our room and I was prepared for surgery. I was nervous and excited. My husband felt the same.


I was wheeled in and my obstetrician was waiting there smiling, excited. My anaesthetist administered the drugs, they made me feel sick but it soon passed. We were chatting away while my obstetrician got to work.


My daughter got stuck and the procedure took a bit longer. The anaesthetist told me I was brave and an inspiration to be so positive and jovial.


Finally, the curtain was dropped and it was time to watch her being born.


It was amazing. Surreal. Looking down to see someone hold my stomach back, while my Dr was pulling my baby out of me.


lucy anne lewis positive birth story


Nurses were snapping pictures of the whole thing with hubby’s phone camera. But it was amazing. And just like that, she was here. All 4.23kg of her.


My obstetrician told me we made the right decision with the birth.


She was grumpy but so perfect. I was able to cuddle her while they stitched me up and I was wheeled back to our room. We then spent the rest of the day and night in that newborn bubble of bliss.


I wasn’t in any pain and the nurses were cross because I wasn’t using my pethidine drip. But I didn’t need too.


My recovery was easy and swift. The whole experience was easy and I was, and still am, grateful.


positive birth story

Thank you to Lucy-Anne for sharing her story.

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