Biome Range of Menstrual Cups.

Discover Biome’s range of reusable menstrual cups.

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A convenient, economical and eco-friendly alternative to disposable menstrual products. Menstrual cups are used like a tampon but collect rather than absorb menstrual flow. A cup holds three times more fluid than tampons and pads, so it can generally be worn for twice as long as you would wear a tampon or pad for.

Features of Menstrual Cups:

  • No strings, no wings and no leaks.
  • Can be worn 2-3 times longer than a pad or tampon.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful substances such as chlorine, fragrances or BPA.
  • Perfect for people with an active lifestyle who enjoy sports such as running, swimming and yoga.
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin, dermatitis and latex allergies.
  • Does not contain any absorption agents so it doesn’t cause vaginal dryness.