Hanako Therapies – The Mummy and Baby Kit – 3 item gift pack.

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The Hanako Therapies Mummy and Baby Kit is perfect for new parents and their precious baby. This beautiful set helps to support mother and child as they explore the world together. This pack contains: *I am… Bliss 50ml. Spray this essence over the crown of the head and all over your body. Take a deep breath, relax, and repeat the affirmation: “I am calm, centred and at peace. I live from moment to moment. All is well.” *Happy Baby 50ml. This oil calms, soothes and supports your baby. It can be misted over them like a snuggly blanket, or applied to the soles of their feel to relax them. Alternatively, it can be sprayed in their room. *Goodnight Baby 30ml. What’s better than a restful baby? This soothing and relaxing oil can be massaged on their feet, and helps them to feel secure and safe. Hand made in Australia. 100% pure essential oils. Vegan. No animal testing.


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