Pea Pods Bamboo Reusable Wipes


Pea Pods Bamboo Reusable Wipes. Whether you’re using cloth nappies or disposables, reusable wipes will save you money and save the environment, too. Made from bamboo, PeaPods washable baby wipes are soft on baby’s bottom, yet grippy enough to remove all the mess. Easy to use just with water, or you can make your own wipes solution to cut the chemicals. Try doing the first wipe with cotton wool or toilet paper, then wet a wipe to clean baby’s bottom thoroughly. You can then use another wipe to pat baby’s bum dry. Then you can wash the used wipes with the rest of your cloth nappy wash, or just in with your normal laundry.

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20cm square Size: 5 pack of wipes. 94% bamboo, 6% polyester. Wash with other laundry items using only 1/2 strength detergent.


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