Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter 1L Jug

The standout benefits include:

– Easy Flip Open Lid – easy to fill from the tap
– Replacement Filter Date indicator so you know when to replace the filters
– The replacement filters pack lasts for 2 years so represents outstanding value.
– Activated coconut shell carbon filter reduces impurities – chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria & viruses
– Removes up to 99% of fluoride
– Quickly re-mineralises tap water
– UV-protected filters
– Clean, fresh-tasting, energised water
– Fits on door shelf of the refrigerator
– Economical and easy hydration at around 3 cents per litre
– Creates water with an ORP of up to -250 (will vary based on source water)
– Creates Alkaline water with pH value typically between 7.6 – 8.2*
– Magnetised to create hexagonal water molecules
– Bio Ceramics produce far infra-red rays to give life and energy back to water

*Depending on your water supply



The newly redesigned Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter Jug is a sleek new jug which fits snugly on your fridge door shelf to keep your fresh water supply cool for all day use. Utilising the same technology as the previous version but in a new modern design, the AcePot Jug is a convenient way to keep high-quality, alkaline, pure water to hand.

The new AcePot Bio+ removes even more fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities from your tap water, resulting in deliciously clean, pure-tasting, alkaline energised water with a pH value of between 7.5 and 8.5*. The unique multi-layer cartridges contain Activated silver ionised carbon, alkaline minerals, magnets and filter medium, and add over 60 organic minerals to your water while ionising it and filtering out heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria and odours. The non-porous, BPA- free copolymer jug has a 1 litre capacity (funnel holds 900ml) and is also lighter, more user-friendly and easier to assemble and wash than the previous model.

Dimensions: Height 270cm x Width 255cm

Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Waters Co are so confident of the quality of their products that should any malfunctions develop due to faulty materials or manufacturing defect, they will replace the part or system with the same or similar product within the life of the purchaser. Note that your warranty does not cover misuse or negligent handling as specified in their warranty terms, nor prolonged use of expired filters resulting in physical damage.