Waters Co Water Filter.

To ensure the purest fluoride-free water possible, you need to use this Waters Co Water Filter. This latest version of the company’s successful line of filters removes up to 99.9% fluoride, something that no other filter has managed to do.

The smart design features sleek, black housing and a blue hand-blown glass reservoir with chrome tap outlet. The powerful, long-lasting filter holds 5.25 litres, making it ideal for domestic and light commercial use, and it comes complete with a filter kit that will last for up to 12,000 litres or four years.

As well as removing fluoride from tap water it also removes chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria, and the inclusion of coral and silica sands in the filter re-mineralises and ionises water, which helps to support the optimal functioning of the body.


Components of the Waters Co Water Filter:

With 13 stages of sterilisation, filtration and activation, the multi-stage cartridges contain:
– Sub-micron prefilters
– Silver-ionised activated coconut-shell carbon
– Ion exchange cation resin for 99.99% Fluoride removal
– Bio-organic coral mineral sands
– Silica sands
– Far infrared ceramics
– Bioceramic Somelite™
– Magnets and other patented filter medium


Height: 385mm
Diameter of base: 235mm
Weight: 4.2 kg
Materials: Glass, BPA-free

Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Waters Co are so confident of the quality of their products that should any malfunctions develop due to faulty materials or manufacturing defect, they will replace the part or system with the same or similar product within the life of the purchaser. Note that your warranty does not cover misuse or negligent handling as specified in their warranty terms, nor prolonged use of expired filters resulting in physical damage.