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1195 Rosedale Rd, Chidlow, WA, Australia 6556

A holistic health and fitness service for the whole family.


If you're located in or around the Perth Hills and want to access a personalised, holistic health and fitness service, that is also family friendly, then 4 Fun and Health offers just what you're looking for.

Often with the longer commute to work when you're located in the hills, or with a busy family life, you struggle to make it to the gym.

At 4 Fun and Health, we offer something a little different, tucked in amongst nature in the beautiful surrounds of Perth Hills, next to Lake Leschenaultia, we enjoy providing a personalised health and fitness studio.


We have grown over the last 10 years to provide qualified staff for health & fitness training, including swimming lessons for bubs and up, sports massage and nutritionally sound meal preparation.

Our range of fitness training provides the opportunity for you and your family to train in comfort. We have mums and bubs (or children) sessions and small group training where you can join one of our existing groups, create your own group session with friends or book a family session.


Access flexible training. We are currently raising our own young family and understand that sometimes it's all picture perfect and sometimes...well it's just not...we happily accommodate 'all the moods' and have the option for you to choose what style of training is needed from one session to the next.

Access a child-friendly space. Your children have the option to join in or play in our secured active play areas.

Access a one-stop shop for your health and fitness needs. Aside from fitness training we also offer sports massage and a nutritious meal service. Our meals are planned and prepared in conjunction with one of the top chefs in Perth to ensure they are tasty and good for you (with a few little treat options also available) ?

Allow us to nourish you and your whole family, from the inside - out. We are here to help create a 'simple way to a better you.'  You can find out more info about our holistic health and fitness service on our website. 

Yours in fun and health.

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