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Lake Coogee, WA, Australia 6166

Your friendly family chiropractor in Fremantle.


Hi! I’m Carrie. When I’m not in East Fremantle working with clients you will find me with my kids by the ocean.


I have a love for all things pregnancy, birth and babies, and I’m passionate about supporting women through their pregnancy journey – from conception to growing bellies, birthing and recovery.


I studied chiropractic in Perth and continued studying to follow my passion in paediatrics. Once I became a mother, I studied Applied Kinesiology to support mothers with fatigue and burn out.


Babies are my absolute favourite; after all, everyone deserves the best possible start to life!  But – it’s never too late for anyone to start on a healthier journey.


My approach is holistic and includes chiropractic care, nutrition and movement to set you on your path for total wellness.


The chiropractic techniques I use include paediatric chiropractic, applied kinesiology and functional neurology.


I also focus on nutrition, polyvagal theory and anything ‘stress’ related.


I have a special interest in child health, from pregnancy through to adolescent years. In particular, I love working with parents to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes in their children, whether that be in a preventative way with babies and toddlers, or a symptomatic approach with older children.


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Still trying to decide if we're a good fit?


Fair enough.  Good for you.  This journey is a deeply personal one, and having a solid relationship with your practitioner is, in my option, essential.  So – let’s get to know each other a little…


I’m a mother of two and I live in Munster.  I was raised in Perth, but moved to Melbourne to do my postgraduate training in paediatrics (birth to school-age children) and worked in a paediatric only clinic before taking time off to have my own children.


Every year, I threatened it would be my last winter in Melbourne.  And this was the year I finally cracked!  Trust me - they’re not lying about the weather in Victoria!


It was my own health crisis that put a fire in my belly to support mothers experiencing something similar and my own journey has led me down paths that I could’ve only dreamed of in my previous life – well beyond just chiropractic and into applied kinesiology, brain rehabilitation and the power of nutrition.


And I am forever a student!  I love learning so much, and the more you learn, the more you realise you have left to learn.


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Pilates in Cockburn


In addition to chiropractic I also practice as a qualified Pilates instructor.


It is my mission to create a space where everyone feels safe and comfortable to move. Where every-body is welcome.



Where you can come and learn how to exercise and move properly, without it burning you out and making you feel exhausted the rest of the day.


Where you can get the attention and time you need, with qualified Pilates instructors who love helping people move!


Where you can make friends along the way (yes, please!).


Individualised Pilates sessions, catering to pregnancy, postpartum, and general health and wellbeing.


Small group Pilates sessions will be held on a Monday, and in future on additional days too (so stay tuned if Mondays don’t work for you!).


My home studio is council-approved and complies with strict safety guidelines for your health and safety.


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