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PO Box 8474, South Perth, Perth, WA, Australia 6151

Una, owner of Econscious Living, is a passionate environmental scientist. She can empower you to create a healthy, green home and workspace. Her business came to fruition as a result of her son's sleep problems. She tried everything to find a solution to his relentless night terrors but it was only after studying the environmental impact of her own living environment that she found answers. Simple tweaks in her home were enough to end the devastating effects of sleep deprivation.

Using her skills as a scientist, Una cuts through the pseudo-science and fake news. She shows you how to make simple changes in your home with lasting benefits for the health of your family and the sustainability of the environment.


Una conducts in-home and online audits helping you prioritise the removal of toxicants from your home. Every audit comes with a report and recommendations.

The most popular audits include the comprehensive Healthy Home audit, Healthy Bedroom audit, Air Quality/Allergen audit and EMF audit. Every Healthy Home audit is customised to your needs but generally covers water quality, personal care, cooking, lighting, cosmetics, cleaning, flooring and EMF.

She also conducts online consultations should you have a question about your favourite products or want to take a deep dive into any nagging concerns such as sleep, cosmetics, personal care, cookware, EMF etc.

Her work is especially important to anyone planning on starting a family, pregnant mums, young families or the chronically ill.

You can find more details on the Econscious Living website. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.



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