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Landsdale, WA, Australia 6065

Providing you with the education, planning and preparation to change the way you think and feel about birth.


As a highly qualified practitioner in many different modalities, I can help you to focus your mind, balance your emotions and prepare your body for your growing baby, to minimise any pain and discomfort during your pregnancy and birth.

I am so proud of the time and energy I have invested in creating a beautiful, heart centred business that has a comprehensive list of services to support women through all stages of their journey such as:

  • Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes
  • Independent Childbirth Education - Back to Basics Birthing workshops
  • Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Educator
  • Back to Basics Birthing Online Course
  • Pregnancy, Labour Focus & Postpartum Massage
  • Birth Doula Support Services
  • Placenta Encapsulation Services
  • Postpartum Support Services
  • Mother Blessing Ceremonies


I am a mum of two girls (with an age gap of 15 years) and live in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Having spent most of my earlier career working in high level, fast paced, adrenaline pumping stressful office positions I knew I had to get out and focus on what I really yearned to do so with the help and support of my family I was able to do just that.

I started my own business as a health care professional in 2004 and have been working with pregnant women since 2006, and my dedication and support of women has been recognised as I have been an Australian award-winning practitioner for the last 3 years in a row!

It gives me so much joy to do this work and support you with knowledge, tools and techniques in a non-judgemental way so you are confident and fearless during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Celebrate this amazing time while educating, preparing and nurturing your mind and body with a highly qualified and insured practitioner.

"Because at the end of the day it is not about me – it is about you feeling safe, calm, listened to and supported."
- Vicki Hobbs
Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Specialist

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