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Alkimos, Perth, WA, Australia 6038

Experience the healing power of your placenta with encapsulation


Evidence is starting to come out to verify the healing power of your placenta and it is really not to be wasted, this is a very special opportunity for you after the birth of your baby to put all the goodness your body has saved to create your baby and return it to your own body to help replenish and heal.

Mothers have reported so many benefits to me after taking their placenta capsules, they call them their “Power Pills”.


Benefits that mother's report* include:

  • Increased milk supply
  • More energy/better quality sleep even in small doses.
  • No repeat of postnatal depression
  • Hormones more balanced
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Faster recovery after birth
  • Less pain postnatally


Hi, my name is Jenny, I am a Registered Midwife with 12 years experience and been an Holistic Therapist for 14 years.   My Business is called “Encapsulate Me” and my passion is Placenta Encapsulation.


I wanted to provide a quality service for mothers, so that is why I chose to become certified with The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.  This course is one of the best for ensuring this service is provided at the highest standard.


I became a Placenta Arts Specialist so that I could provide services such as Placenta Encapsulation, Cord Keepsakes, Placenta Prints, Broths and Tinctures.  This service is provided with the upmost quality, safe sanitation and preparation and a commitment to give your placenta the respect and love it deserves.


I am based in the Alkimos area and will pick up and drop off in all North Metro areas, either from your home or from the hospital.  A small fee of $20-$40 will apply if travelling over 20 km, a price will be given for further South of the City.


Click here to view more information on my website.


I am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and offer breastfeeding support through my Purely Lactation business. Click here for more info.


*These are anecdotal reports of benefits, research is still being done to explore the potential benefits of placenta encapsulation.

Contact Information
Phone: 0404 402 388

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