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25B Raymond St, Mt Pleasant, WA, Australia 6153

Pelvic floor friendly exercise and education for women.


If you are experiencing issues such as incontinence, prolapse, joint pain and/or abdominal muscle separation, and are looking for exercise options that are safe while still being challenging, FitRight can help you.


Created by Taryn Watson, a physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Women’s Health, as a way to increase access to pelvic floor friendly exercise and education for women, FitRight offers Physio-led classes for pregnant women, new mums and women of any age, either pilates-style (studio and online) or in the pool (aqua).


We offer face to face classes in a variety of locations around Perth, and private health insurance rebates apply.


Can't make it to a class? Online membership is also available with access to our library of FitRight workouts and education resources.


With baby minding volunteers, education interspersed throughout the classes, and the same small group each week, FitRight is about so much more than exercise - we look forward to welcoming you into the supportive community that we have created!


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Phone: 0478881211

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