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Pilbara Chiropractic Centre, 26 De Grey Place, WA, Australia 6714

Supporting mums to take their power back when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their family.


Hi there! I am Sarah Penrose, a qualified, accredited and endorsed homeopath skilled in unravelling complex patterns of ill health.

I have almost ten years of clinical experience in supporting people with a wide range of conditions.



Homeopathic medicine is GENTLE making it an option in pregnancy, for children and for people taking prescription medications.


Homeopathic medicine is EASY - just a drop in the mouth or a few sweet pillules under the tongue – no yucky tasting medicines here!


Homeopathic medicine is INEXPENSIVE and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), is the fastest growing and second most widely used system of medicine worldwide. 


Homeopathic medicines are COMPLEMENTARY, meaning they can be taken alongside conventional medications, they are simple to administer and gentle enough for children too.



I help mums who are concerned about the health of their family via consultations both online and at my clinic in Karratha, Western Australia. I also offer an online course called Medicine Mum to equip you with a foundational knowledge of homeopathy and enable you to use it at home. Find out more on my website or call me for a non-obligatory chat on 0477 285 863.


Some testimonials from mums who have worked with me...


Recurrent Tonsilitis ''I’m definitely no kid (well maybe at heart) but Sarah has worked wonders on me! For over 12 months I suffered monthly with severe tonsillitis and was hospitalised 3 times. I had numerous doctors tell me that I had to have it a least 12 times in the space of 2 years before they would remove my tonsils.


Then I met Sarah... and everything changed! After one visit she had come up with a homeopathic solution and saved my tonsils. It’s been 7 months tonsillitis free and I’ve had only one small turn since which was gone in less than 48hrs after takings my pillules. Sarah has helped me with other health issues including non-bacterial cystitis. I highly recommend Sarah not only for children’s health concerns but also adults. Thank you so much for everything!! You’re a lifesaver Sarah!'' Bianca Woolhouse. 


Autism ''We have been seeing Sarah for over 10 months now and can only highly recommend for lots of health benefits. My son is Autistic and since being on Homeopath medicines (which are so easy to administer) he is more calm, engaged and sleeping peacefully. Sarah is so supportive, caring and full of knowledge.'' Jade Lee. 


Eczema ''I was first introduced to Homeopathy when my daughter at 3 years of age, fell ill with HF&M... I remembered a friend telling me how much Sarah had helped so I contacted her immediately. I can say I have never met someone so dedicated and her display of kindness and concern made me feel like I was in great hands. I at first was sceptical about these tasty little sugar pills, but the proof was there, my daughter had a complete turn around the next day.


Since then I’ve seen Sarah for my daughter's eczema. She has suffered from the age of about 6mths. As a mother, you try everything from creams, bath lotions, steroids, specialists, diet, doctors, been tested for allergies and the list goes on. At the start of this year, I was defeated I couldn’t help my daughter I exhausted all avenues. My last hope was Sarah and I’m so blessed to say my daughter and I can’t be happier. Not only has her skin cleared, but it’s also softer to touch and the best thing is she is happy. She is no longer irritable or itching and bleeding and can go off and play and be a happy 3-year-old, thank you Sarah'' Jurinah Ferris. 


MEDICINE MUM, is my online course, where you'll become familiar with 20 homeopathic medicines and how to use them for simple sickness at home.


''I completed the online Medicine Mum course and loved it! It was easy to follow and I enjoyed learning how to use homeopathy properly. The communication was fantastic and Sarah answered any questions I had along the way. I have successfully used my new knowledge on numerous occasions for my baby, myself and other family members. I would highly recommend this course and it has been my go-to for all simple illnesses.'' Michelle Boyce.



I am a mentor and member of the Australian Homeopathic Association  (AHA), a registrant with the Australian Register of Homeopaths  (AROH), a recognised Autism Support Provider with the Aurum Project, and the founder of Medicine Mum.

Examples of my clinical work and outcomes for the following common conditions have been published online:

Epstein-Barr virus & headaches
Helicobacter pylori-induced symptoms


I also published a peer-reviewed paper entitled 'Drugs, Dysbiosis and the Bowel Nosodes' examining nine cases of gut disturbance in Similia, the Australian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine, in June 2019.



Homeopathic medicine pays attention to a person's unique and individual mental, emotional and physical symptoms/sufferings and, using a scientific system, identifies the homeopathic medicine tailored specifically to them.



If you sense there is more you can do to support your family's health at home get in touch with me via phone or visit my website.



AUDE SAPERE (Dare to think for yourself!)


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