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Morley, Perth, WA, Australia 6062

Screw the world telling you that you're not good enough.

Be a rebel.

Learn to love who you are. 


You think you're not good enough. You have low self-esteem, you're battling with anxiety and depression, feeling like you're not worthy.

The mental load of motherhood, heck, womanhood is weighing you down. You feel like a burden to those around you, those you love.

You feel like you're not showing up for your kids the way that you should. You hate your body. You're ready to step out of this overwhelm.

You deserve more. I'm here to show you that you're enough. To guide you to a position of inner strength. Because once you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

Go on, be a rebel. I am.

Hi! I'm Lucy. I'm a rebel and supporting Mamas to find their inherent self-worth, learn to love who they are, and know they are good enough is my jam.

If you are done having low self-esteem, battling with anxiety and depression, lack of sleep, tired of not trusting yourself, and not believing you are good enough, then I'm ya girl.

The changes that occur during and after pregnancy and into the toddler years are tough, and exhausting (I know, I'm a mama too!) but there are things you can do to repair yourself, and gently take a diagnosis and medication free path towards happiness, self-love, and most importantly, seeing your worth.

Because when you believe in yourself, you can do anything.


I use a specialised combination of counselling (Yep, I'm a qualified counsellor!) and NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback (I'm Advanced Certified!) to help you cut through the overwhelm and find good enough. I'm a body acceptance counsellor.

My rebellion also includes supporting you through leaving diet culture, finding a way to move your body that you enjoy, and seeing that all bodies are good bodies. Dismantle old ways of thinking. REBEL!

I do all of this through NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback sessions, plus a toolkit from a number of different therapies, including CBT, Narrative and Personal Centred.

And, it's cool if you have no idea what any of these things are, I explain everything, every step of the way!

I know it might all seem a bit daunting, and like all of this might be super hard work. And yeah, a little bit of hard work is necessary, I won't lie.

But I know that my clients are the experts in their own lives, and have the capacity to find all the things I've mentioned above.

I'm here with to help you understand yourself more fully, and make constructive changes, to be a rebel, and I'm happy to answer any questions you have about what I do, or about me.

You might feel anxious about coming to see me, and that's completely normal. If it makes you feel more relaxed, bring a trusted friend or loved one along, until you feel comfortable. Most people find me pretty welcoming, I like to keep it real.

Everything is confidential, and I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. My space is a safe space for everyone.

What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback? find out here.


Vulnerability. I believe it is the key to personal growth. It's knowing, and being so ok, with who you are, that you can stand up and be that person every day.

After struggling for a large portion of my life, to be ok with 'me' I decided enough was enough. I had been hearing about NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback long before I tried it myself.

I had seen with my own eyes how it had helped members of my own family. How they got their lives back, kicked medications, and were happy again. I needed to try it.

Frankly, I was at my lowest point and was willing to try anything. I was hooked from my first session. It's like the clouds parted. I started to see the changes I needed to make. I started making them. My life started to be mine again.

I healed. I healed from anxiety, depression, eating disorder, I left an abusive relationship and a toxic work environment. I gained self-awareness, greater self-esteem. I started practising self-compassion.

With this, I started showing the world the real me. I stopped trying to fit myself into what I thought I was supposed to be.

With a quieter and more focused mind, and this new found drive to do more, I knew that I had to help other women who are stuck like I was. I was able to fully own my story and life.

All this led to me becoming a Qualified Counsellor (Diploma of Counselling) and an Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback specialist so that I can help you be who you are, with no apologies.

I know you have the strength, ability and drive inside you to make the changes you need to make in order to live the life you want to live.

You are the expert in your own life, and already have the answers inside yourself, just that sometimes we get overwhelmed. Helping women cut through these limiting beliefs, and mental clutter, to make necessary changes, and live life authentically is what I live for.

I want all women to find their inner strength. I believe in radical self-love, and body acceptance. I strive to live life as my authentic self, love without limit, be vulnerable, and know that I am enough. Every woman deserves this.

I draw knowledge from my own lived experiences, as well as my years of experience in using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback in my counselling practice to help you identify what you want to change, and then implement those changes to live your truth every day.

I'm a mum, wife, daughter, friend, aunt - I know what it's like to wear all these hats. I know about the mental load we, as women, carry. Let me help lighten it.

Ready to join the rebellion? My booking form here.

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