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A revolutionary breathable baby mattress that is safer and friendlier. Contributing to better sleep for both bub and mum.


Numu-roo's unique, single-layer mesh design eliminates dust mites and increases airflow, which prevents the accumulation of CO2 and overheating.


Sensitive Choice, with their strict health standards, chose Numu as a partner mattress making it the best and safest mattress for your baby.


Numu meets the Australian safety standard for sleeping surface firmness.



  • Breathable  - Allows complete air circulation - free breathing through the mattress even when baby rolls to her tummy
  • Prevents overheating
  • May improve sleep for both bub and parents
  • Beneficial for asthma and allergies
  • No nasty chemicals!
  • Super easy to clean and fast to dry


We offer a 100 nights sleep guarantee and free shipping in Australia.


We cater for any mattress size from newborn (bassinet size) to five years old and offer a wide range of complementary sleep environment products to complete the Numu experience.


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Phone: +61370202048

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