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Say goodbye to oopsie moments with Oopsie Heroes, a fun & simple bedwetting alarm for kids.


While bedwetting is common, it is a concern for many parents due to the embarrassment their child feels, sleep disruption and the additional laundry load involved.


Bedwetting alarms teach your child to wake up when they start to wet the bed, before fully emptying their bladder. They help your child to recognise when their bladder is full so that they can learn to hold on, or wake up and go to the toilet.



Oopsie Heroes is a fun & simple bedwetting alarm for kids. It combines an app with a tiny sensor that teaches children how to make it to the toilet on time at night. Goodbye Oopsie moments!


The tiny sensor tracks those Oopsie moments, finds the pattern and helps your child learn to wake up on time. The sensor is super simple to use and can be easily fastened to all undergarments and PJs. No special clothing is required.


After an Oopsie moment, the sensor will record and send this information to the Oopsie Heroes App.  Instead of Bluetooth, the Oopsie sensor uses a simple sound to send the information to the app.


Oopsie Heroes will train your child’s brain to recognise the bladder signals so that they begin to wake up on their own.


Within 6-12 weeks of using Oopsie Heroes, your child should be free from nighttime accidents.


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