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Our team of paediatric and motherhood experts are here to guide your health journey and tend to your health needs.


Fearless Foodies Paediatric Nutrition and Naturopathy offers online consultations throughout Australia.


Our naturopath Michele is an expert in gut health. She works with babies, children, and adults to improve their gut health, and is passionate about helping parents raise healthy children. She's a source of great knowledge and experience, and she is so genuine, she will not sugar coat things for you.


Michele is certified in the GAPS diet, and helps parents work through food intolerances, allergies, and gut health issues. If you're looking for a family naturopath, look no further.


Our nutrition consultant Jayne is the person you want on your side when it comes to nutrition! If you're trying to work out what to feed your baby, or how to adapt recipes to cater to food intolerances or allergies, Jayne is your person. She is passionate about supporting families jam-pack their meals with highly nutritious foods (including picky eaters), and also has a soft spot for depleted and burnt out mothers, and loves to help them regain their energy and vitality through food.


All of our initial consultations include the cost of a follow-up consultation. This is so we can provide you with the best care possible, and ensure your health needs are being met. Following this, one-off consultations can be purchased and booked.


Fearless Foodies began as an online course helping parents learn how to introduce food to their baby - taking into account nutrition, gut development, brain development, allergies, and most importantly, EASE for the parents.


After many requests, it has expanded to include individual consultations with holistic health practitioners.


In 2021, Fearless Foodies will also be providing free webinars, and paid workshops, helping more parents in their baby food introduction journey.

For more information, check out our Instagram.

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