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Stirling Terrace Toodyay, Perth, WA, Australia 6566
Perth, WA, Australia

Supporting you to overcome overwhelm and achieve a happier work-life blend.

As an Access Bars practitioner I assist you to remove stagnated energy in your life and create positive life changes. With Bars, we gently place our fingers on points on the head that correlate to different areas of life. The energy connection at these points helps to create change.


I have tried lots of different modalities but the first time I had my bars run I realised I had found the catalyst for life change. Access Bars has similarity to other energy healing modalities such as Bowen Therapy and Reiki. I discovered though that Access Bars was the quickest way to get unstuck and feel lighter and happier.


The Bars are just one Access tool, there are many others that we use and I have found whenever I reach a challenging time I draw on these tools with far more success than anything I have tried in this healing journey.


Whether it is physical pain, finding your direction in life or dealing with anxiety or emotional challenges, I have found the Bars the best place to start.


I did my Access Bars practitioner training so I could run my kid's Bars but once I saw the change in others there was no way I couldn’t share this work.


I have appointments in Toodyay on Mondays, Thursdays and weekends as well as the Swan Valley on Saturdays.


Find out more or book online here.

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