What is a lactation cookie and can it help me?

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What is a lactation cookie?

Lactation cookies are biscuits that use ingredients believed to be galactagogues.


Galactagogues are foods, herbs or medications that may help to increase breastmilk supply by increasing prolactin levels.


It is important to note that the most important way to establish and maintain an adequate milk supply is for breastmilk to be removed frequently and adequately, and if a mum has difficulty with this, assessment by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® is recommended.


“When all factors contributing to a low supply have been identified and addressed, then galactagogues may help to speed up the process” (ABA, 2017).


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Milk and Nourish

Milk and Nourish was created in 2017 by two Perth mums, Leigh and Kylie who, having both breastfed their children, know the love, effort and challenges that breastfeeding brings. They believe that it is a personal experience and aim to support mums to thrive.


Leigh and Kylie had been friends for years through their husbands, but after having their first babies a month apart in 2014 they grew extremely close, bouncing the new mum whirlwind off of each other.


In 2016, they both went on to have another baby, again just months apart, and as they both breastfed and were making lactation cookies for themselves and their friends, the demand grew and they decided to launch their online store.


Leigh and Kylie prepare homemade cookies incorporating galactagogues including brewer’s yeast, flaxseed and oats. There are various flavours available as well as options for specific dietary requirements. They have also launched DIY cookie mix and boosters (made from vegetable capsules).


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“The feedback has been overwhelming and we know they work because we have tried and tested them ourselves,” says Kylie.


“One of our points of difference is the delicate brewer’s yeast we use, it doesn’t leave a bitter after taste like most so Mums are enjoying the most delicious treat without the yeasty aftertaste. We offer a gluten and dairy-free version, and also a vegan option, but the most popular flavour is always dark choc chip.”


If you are looking to order some cookies, each order is baked fresh and, depending on your delivery option, your cookies should arrive within 3-5 business days (standard delivery) or 2-3 business days for express post.


If you’re WA-based and local to the 6018 area you can also choose to pick up your order. There are also a few stockists around Perth and even Busselton, including Perth Pregnancy Centre – Clarkson, Baby Mumma Perth – Beeliar, Babyspa Perth – Subiaco, and Hire for Baby – Busselton.


No need to worry…


While the cookies do contain galactagogues, if your husband or mother-in-law tuck into the cookies they won’t start lactating! Many people just enjoy the taste of the cookies.


Here are some testimonials from Milk and Nourish customers…

“I tried these cookies after trying a few other brands. The Milk and Nourish cookies are substantial and YUMMY. On the first day I ate 4 and my boobs exploded and I had to express. Now I eat one a day and it keeps my supply going even when knackered. But I have to keep my husband’s paws off the cookies as they actually are just delicious and you could serve them to guests and they wouldn’t know they were ‘special’ ;)”
-Jennifer Berrigan


“These cookies are amazing & we highly recommend them! For all you amazing breastfeeding mummas out there, struggling or not give these a go, even as a delicious beneficial treat!”
– Jessica Green

Head to the Milk and Nourish website to find out more.


This post is sponsored by Milk and Nourish.


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