Broadcast your health and wellness message.

get the exposure you desire.

and more time doing what you love.

You’ve put your heart into creating a service or product centred around your
health and wellness message.

You want to reach your target audience so that you can focus on what you do best.

But finding time and a budget-friendly way to reach more mums and mums-to-be,
who you know you can help, is a challenge!

Print advertising, marketing consultants and trial-and-error Facebook ads are expensive and rebranding or changing what you offer is both overwhelming and time-consuming.

What if you could...

Have potential clients directed straight to your business on auto-pilot?

Share your message authentically with thousands of Australian mums and mums-to-be with an interest in natural health and parenting?

Receive business support that is specific to the health and wellness industry, to cut through the overwhelm?

Be part of a community of like-minded business owners working within your niche, for collaboration and referral opportunities?


Wholehearted business memberships

A holistic and cost-effective lead generation package for your
health and wellness business.

you'll get...

achieve success with...

what would happen if you had access to this
one-stop-shop of marketing support?

best start lactation consultancy, lactation consultant perth
Eve Coote, IBCLC Best Start Lactation

“I joined Wholehearted Business because my business needed to grow, I needed more social media exposure and to learn how to use it more effectively. 

Since joining I have gained more brand awareness, been able to collaborate with like-minded business owners, and accessed social media support and up-to-date training. Always with a personal touch and support from Andrea.”

Apply now to broadcast your business

Do you want to access new leads in a cost-effective way? 

Fill out the brief form to be considered for a membership and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Please note I’m unable to accept business members who are looking to exclusively promote MLM products or products registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Did you know that potential customers now require 12 – 20 touchpoints in order to form the trust and familiarity needed to consider purchasing?

A Wholehearted Business membership allows you to get your message and brand in front of potential customers regularly with multiple online touchpoints, across platforms.

While other online advertising avenues may have large audiences, they often have low engagement rates.

I have built a targeted, niche audience and focus on building engagement with my email open rates and social engagement higher than industry averages.

Membership Package

Directory listing

Quarterly social media shout-outs

Weekly promotion in Natural Mama Club Facebook group

A featured blog post 

1 Facebook live mini-workshop in Natural Mama Club group

Access to our engaged business Facebook group

Access to my “3 Steps to a Profitable and Efficient Content Strategy” course valued at $297

Collaboration opportunities

APply now

Fill out the brief form to be considered for a membership and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Please note I’m unable to accept business members who are looking to exclusively promote MLM products or products registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Hi, i'm andrea

I’m a midwife, child health nurse and creator of Wholehearted Family Health.

Connecting people to holistic, reliable and helpful information, as well as other like-minded people, is what I love to do.

As a health practitioner working within this field I have an
in-depth understanding of my target audience.

I have completed an applied social media marketing short course at Charles Sturt University, as well as ongoing masterminds with digital marketing leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wholehearted Business Memberships are open to service and product-based health and wellness businesses who serve mums and mums-to-be in Australia, who are interested in natural health and parenting. 

Our community values a holistic approach to health.

If that sounds like a good fit for you, please get in touch!

Unfortunately due to my registration requirements I am unable to accept memberships from those looking to exclusively promote MLM products or those registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Yes you can. You can cancel at any time by simply logging in to your account on my website.  

After you have uploaded your initial website listing, you can put in as much or as little time as suits you.

I’m flexible with content promotion, you can send me the images and words for each shout-out or I can create it for you.

While I prefer your input into the featured blog to position you as the subject expert, it’s not essential. You can access the course as you need it.

No, not at all. This is for anyone looking to get their business in front of their target audience, for those looking to make local connections, and anyone looking for industry-specific support.

Absolutely. While the majority of my audience are based on the west coast, the promotional opportunities and online support still make this a cost-effective marketing investment.

lucy-anne lewis. neurofeedback perth, perth counsellor
Lucy-Anne Lewis, Neurofeedback & Counselling

“Before I joined Wholehearted Business I felt that no-one really knew about what I do or the service I offer. I didn’t really feel part of a community. Feeling part of a community, being around other like-minded businesses, and having a pool of businesses I can refer people to, have been the biggest benefits of my membership.

If someone was thinking about joining I would say – do it. It’s a really hands-on community with lots of great resources and great people.”

Got questions?

Give me a call on 0422 370 735 and we can chat.

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