Sleep support for parents who don't want to sleep train

Using Science + Connection to support healthy toddler sleep

My approach to toddler sleep involves throwing out the notion of bad habits or ditching the idea that somehow you have created this situation and instead we focus on the 2 key areas that are impacting your little one’s sleep.⁣


Their sleep pattern AND their sense of safety to sleep.⁣


We use sleep science to optimise their sleep regulation system. This means we look at small adjustments to their pattern as well as environmental factors that may be disturbing their sleep.


We also use connection-based strategies to minimise the normal separation anxiety or any situational anxiety that can impact children across the developmental stages in this age group.


My approach draws from attachment theory, developmental psychology, neuroscience, sleep science and lactation research.


Absolutely no cry-it-out, reward systems or punishments.


Children do well when they can (as do parents!) and our job is to support them in a developmentally appropriate way while still ensuring our own needs are met.

3 ways I can support you...

4 Simple steps to restful nights and independent toddler sleep.

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If your 12 month – 4 year old is experiencing sleep challenges, Click here.

If you need follow up support for your toddler, book here (previous clients only).

Hi, I'm Andrea

I’m a midwife, child health nurse and accredited neuroprotective developmental care practitioner and holistic sleep coach.

When my first daughter was 5 months old we experienced significant sleep difficulties (hourly wake-ups!) and not only did the mainstream strategies NOT work but I was left doubting my instincts and abilities as a mother.

I found support through a mum-led, sleep support Facebook group and came to realise that it was vital for health professionals to support mums in a way that put their natural instincts and values at the centre of their care.

Before my second daughter was born I completed training as a neuroprotective developmental care practitioner. 

I’ve had success both personally and professionally with this approach and look forward to supporting your family.

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*Please note unfortunately due to insurance and time zone difficulties I don’t work with clients in Africa or Northern America.

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