Sleep support for parents who don't want to sleep train

science-backed strategies that
support your instincts

My sleep support service teaches you how to reset your child’s natural sleep regulation systems while still responding to their cues. 

There is no crying involved and no need to worry about creating “bad habits.”

Based on the latest neuroscience, psychology and lactation research, this approach supports natural sleep while protecting and building the parent and child connection.

3 ways I can help you...

Access one-on-one support. In-person appointments available (Wellness on Whatley, Maylands) or online via Zoom. Complete this form to book.

4 Loving and Simple Ways to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep, (Without Sleep Training.) Click here to get your copy of my free guide.

For mums in the first year, optimise sleep, feeding and self care without sleep training or strict schedules. Click here to apply for a free Mama Breakthrough Call.

Hi, I'm Andrea

I’m a midwife, child health nurse and accredited neuroprotective developmental care practitioner.

When my first daughter was 5 months old we experienced significant sleep difficulties (hourly wake-ups!) and not only did the mainstream strategies NOT work but I was left doubting my instincts and abilities as a mother.

I found support through a mum-led, sleep support Facebook group and came to realise that it was vital for health professionals to support mums in a way that put their natural instincts and values at the centre of their care.

Before my second daughter was born I completed training with Possums clinic and became a neuroprotective developmental care practitioner. 

I’ve had success both personally and professionally with this approach and look forward to supporting your family.

want a level of support that a pdf or one off consult can't provide?

*Please note unfortunately I’m not currently insured to work with clients in Northern America.


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