Finally... Sleep support that is based on science and aligns with your instincts.

No sleep training.
No strict schedules.

sleep without sleep training

So you can find rest, confidence and be the responsive mum you want to be without tears or overwhelm.

“When I was at my lowest point in lack of self belief and absolutely lost with where to go with sleep with my daughter, Andrea was my light at the end of the tunnel.” – Kassandra O

I See You Mama...

You’re exhausted and worried about sleep for you and your little one.

Will it ever get better without using cry-it-out methods?

When you jump on Google for answers, you find the advice is conflicting and overwhelming.

When you feel like you’ve tried all the gentle suggestions (and maybe even some not-so gentle!)… dark rooms, white noise, watching wake windows and resettling after short naps but you’re still stuck with excessive wakes, sleep resistance or both, it can feel like nothing will work.

There is hope.

Because you’re here. And that means you’re on the way to getting more rest as a responsive mum and feeling confident in your approach. 

You’re meant to be here.

Let’s get started. 

andrea fallon sleep

What Do You Need?

fussy colic baby

Help With Fussy Baby Or Feeding Concerns

For mamas who want qualified support with fussing or feeding challenges in the early months, without a dismissive "it's just colic!"

baby sleep

Help With Sleep Concerns In The First Year

For mamas who want help to optimise sleep, feeding and their own self care in the first year, without sleep training or strict schedules.

toddler sleep

Help With Sleep Concerns at 12 months - 4 years

For responsive mamas who want to see a change in their toddler's night waking or sleeping arrangements without tears.

“5 Stars for the science backed, empathetic and realistic approach Andrea takes” – Laura C

What if you were rested and felt like you were nailing it as a mum?

What if you had the energy to go on adventures with your little one and be the mum you want to be, while still being responsive? Where you could see mum friends and not feel that sinking feeling when they asked how things were going with sleep? Although there’s no one who loves your little one more than you (and your family), and although you’re a super smart and perfectly capable mama, there’s something missing when it comes to your little one’s sleep and finding the rest you crave.

You’ve researched and tried everything and you still haven’t seen an improvement in sleep.

Which is why you need me. I’m a health professional with postgraduate qualifications and accreditation in evidence-based sleep support. I deliver over 15 years of experience supporting families in the early years and my driving force is to help mums feel confident in tuning into their baby and their own intutition. I light the way to connection with your baby in my approach to sleep.

I’ve worked with hundreds of amazing responsive mamas just like you to get more sleep, overcome feeding challenges and find self care, without sleep training or strict schedules.

Think there is no way other than sleep training? I have great news. Meet me here.  

“Andrea is extremely knowledgeable in baby and toddler sleep and development. She provides a science and evidence based, holistic approach to helping babies sleep better as well as supporting the mum/parents.” – Holly B

About Me


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andrea fallon sleep

Hi, I'm Andrea

Midwife, Child Health Nurse, Accredited Neuroprotective Developmental Care Practitioner, Holistic Sleep Coach.

When I was a first time mum experiencing significant sleep difficulties (hourly wake-ups!) with my daughter, not only did the mainstream strategies NOT work but I was left doubting my instincts and abilities.

It started me on the path of seeking further training and gave me a fresh perspective on the type of support that families really need… empowering, values-based and pragmatic.

When I’m not supporting other mamas I’m usually trying to coax my toddler into singing something other than “Let it go” on repeat!

Get my free guide"4 Loving & Simple Ways to Improve Sleep"

No wake windows, schedules or cry-it-out strategies to be found!


My guide will give you strategies that *actually* address the root cause of sleep challenges.

I'm a parent mentor in the media and have supported hundreds of families with sleep

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