Moving Towards Independence & Restful Nights Using a Connection-Based Approach to Toddler Sleep

maybe this sounds familiar...

You have been really responsive to your little one during the first year and you’re still experiencing sleep challenges like frequent night waking, false starts, early rising or night time parties, and you’re feeling worn down…


And the mainstream message that you have created “a rod for your own back” by not implementing sleep training strategies has you second guessing whether you have taken the right approach.


At least a baby who can be somewhat ‘contained’ is manageable on minimal sleep but managing an active and, at times, emotional toddler is exhausting and you don’t want to be an inpatient and snappy mum.


So you’ve started to think about implementing changes but find the mainstream approaches to toddler sleep are not much different (and certainly no easier!) than those promoted for baby sleep. 


They inevitably involve some version of cry-it-out in the name of ‘teaching’ independence and self soothing. Leaving the baby to “self settle” in the cot becomes “discipline” for toddlers via locking the door, punishments and planned ignoring.


The problem is, not only do these strategies fail to address the reasons why toddlers experience sleep challenges, they are also very disconnecting for little ones and their caregivers.


Toddlers are particularly prone to anxiety when feeling disconnected or separated from their caregiver and anxiety is not conducive to good sleep!

andrea fallon

What if i told you there was another way?

The good news is that easy bedtimes and restful nights don’t need to come at the cost of connection with your little one.


Because the truth is, when you understand your little one’s individual sleep and emotional needs and support them with strategies that utilise your beautiful connection, everyone gets more rest and your frustration fades away.


The loving toddler sleep solution

A consultation package that focuses on achieving restful nights using a connection-based approach to toddler sleep

In the Loving Toddler Sleep Solution, we throw out the notion of bad habits or  pushing mum guilt that you have somehow created this situation and instead focus on the 2 key areas that are impacting your little one’s sleep.⁣


Their sleep pattern AND their sense of safety to sleep.⁣


I commonly see toddlers who have fallen into a disrupted pattern that is impacting their natural sleep regulation system (the circadian rhythm and sleep pressure). When we make small adjustments to their timings for the day and their sleep environment, we often get a quick win in seeing sleep challenges resolve.⁣


And in order to address bedtime resistance and excessive waking we need to create feelings of safety and model what managing big emotions actually looks like… which is ultimately what teaches our little ones skills for independence.⁣


This approach uses both science and your mama intuition.⁣


The Loving Toddler Sleep Solution is a winning combination of both a consultation package with me AND additional tools and resources that you can access online anytime.

Here's What You'll Get

1. online consultation (valued at $250)


You get a 45 min online consultation with me.

I will take a complete history and come up with a custom plan with you, to suit your family’s needs.

The plan is emailed to you so no need to try and remember our discussion or take notes!

2. ongoing access to online resources (valued at $200)

When you purchase the Loving Toddler Sleep Solution not only are you able to book your consultation straight away but you also get instant access to the online portal.


Here you will find a Toddler Sleep Science Basics video to watch prior to our consult, so we can maximise our time discussing your plan rather than covering the sleep fundamentals.


You also get access to my Connection-Based Toddler Sleep Strategies Workshop and Guide so that you can feel confident in knowing what to do (not just what NOT to do) when it comes to minimising sleep anxiety.


3. Follow up phone call (valued at $150)


Following our initial consultation you will have time to implement what we have discussed and choose a time convenient to you to book a follow up phone call where we can make any adjustments to the plan to maximise your success.

+ Bonuses

Book now and get these 2 bonuses totally free!⁣

Bonus One

Gentle Night Weaning Masterclass and Guide

Everything you need to prepare and action your gentle night weaning plan from the breast or bottle for your toddler over 12 months of age.

​Work out the right time and strategies to support the emotional transition to something new in the night.

​Learn both strategies for partial or full night weaning and what to do if you need to night wean quickly.

Valued at $100

Bonus Two

Return to Paid Work Workshop and Guide

I'll walk you through step-by-step, how to manage your return to paid work - everything from what questions to ask a potential caregiver to how to manage breast and/or bottle feeds.

You'll learn how to support sleep and how to support your little one's transition to another caregiver.

Includes printed questionnaire, log sheets and caregiver guide.

Valued at $300

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andrea fallon

Hey, I'm andrea

I’m a midwife and child health nurse with 16 years experience, an accredited neuroprotective developmental care practitioner and holistic sleep coach, and most importantly I’m a mum of 2 little girls.


Following significant sleep difficulties with my eldest daughter I completed additional training in the fields of sleep, feeding and perinatal mental health support and began to focus my work solely on supporting mums in this area.


So I created a method which has been successful for me personally and professionally, I love what I do!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have ongoing access to the online content.

I use an evidence informed approach that not only considers the sleep science but also what is developmentally appropriate. I am very connection-focused – so there truly is no cry-it-out.

No, my approach is all about freedom from clock watching and sitting home all day in a dark room.

Yes, eventually all little ones will sleep through the night. But the mums I work with are in a hard place and not enjoying motherhood and I don’t want that for anyone. I do this work so we can optimise everything for you NOW and so you can enjoy life again NOW. When I’m experiencing a hard time myself, the question I always ask myself is – how long am I ok with feeling like this? And that usually guides my answer as to my next steps.

This happens from time to time. It would be ideal if your partner came to our consultation so we could work through this. 

Yes. My approach is very action focused – I have practical strategies to help you use the framework of the science and put it into practice. As well as additional resources around gentle night weaning and connection-based parenting strategies to manage bedtime.

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