More rest using science and intuition, without sleep training.

I see you. Life is exhausting right now and it feels like
sleep is all-consuming!

maybe this sounds familiar...

You’ve tried dark rooms, white noise, watching wake windows and resettling after short naps (pretty much every sleep strategy out there!) but you’re still stuck with excessive wakes, sleep resistance or both!

You’ve spent so much time Googling that you are now feeling overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information and it feels like sleep is taking up way too much of your headspace.

You now feel exhausted, anxious and are beginning to doubt your ability to read your baby’s cues. You’ve even started questioning your instincts about not wanting to do cry-it-out methods because your current approach isn’t working.

You are finding yourself snappy more than you want to admit and lacking the energy to be the kind of mum you want to be. Something needs to change! More information isn’t the answer, you actually wish you had some guidance.

You're not alone

This is happening because the mainstream sleep advice you've had is a one-trick pony!

It boils down to one prevailing idea… that sleep is a skill that needs to be taught.


Parents are told that it is imperative that their little one learn “good habits” and how to self settle and the ‘teaching’ methods for this, more often than not, involve some element of cry-it-out.


But that doesn’t feel good for most mums. 


Why? Because we are biologically wired to respond to our baby’s main communication method – their cry.


The huge missing piece is the science part of sleep. 


Because sleep is not actually a skill, but a biological function of the body. 


And factors that need to be considered when approaching sleep concerns include the sleep regulators, how well feeding is going and a child’s developmental stage.

andrea fallon

When my first daughter was 5 months old we experienced significant sleep difficulties (hourly wake-ups!) and not only did the mainstream strategies NOT work but I was left doubting my instincts and abilities as a mother.


I was trying all of the things to improve her sleep and I remember one time, I was so exhausted I ended up in tears on her bedroom floor. 


I knew I needed help, so I called the sleep advice helpline and booked us in for a sleep school stay.⁣


Despite their reassurances, when we went along I discovered that it WAS cry-it-out, and I couldn’t bear to see the look on my daughter’s face or hear her cries. We left with no plan, we failed sleep school.⁣


I left determined to find another way. 


And I did. I went on to invest in support from professionals and I upskilled myself as a midwife/child health nurse and became accredited in neuroprotective developmental care and a certified holistic sleep coach.


In using that knowledge I saw huge shifts and when my second daughter was born we never experienced sleep issues.

What if i told you there was another way?

because deep down you want to...

Feel more rested, have more time to yourself and time to connect with other loved ones, thanks to having a framework and tools to figure out the best sleep patterns for your unique family.

Feel like you have a secure connection with your baby, are able to be the responsive mum you want to be, and happy that you’ve chosen support from a health professional who values infant AND parent

Know exactly how to respond to your baby’s cues and needs based on their developmental stage, using techniques for parents who wish to get the most sleep while meeting their child’s needs during all stages.

Feel confident in your knowledge and able to share with friends and family why you’ve chosen NOT to let your baby cry it out and reinforce boundaries in regards to your parenting decisions.


the mama & Me resilience method

Optimising sleep, feeding and self care without sleep training or strict schedules.


This is a 6 month program where I walk with you, step-by-step, to ensure you get a transformation in your situation.

Here's What You'll Get

mama and me resilience method
sleep without sleep training

1. Ongoing access to the holistic sleep system (valued at $499)

You get ongoing access to the system which means you can come back and look at it at any time. 


Created with tired, time-poor mums in mind, most of the content is short audio that you can listen to when out for a walk or cleaning the house. 


Designed to tell you what you NEED to know and then help you take action.

Here’s the breakdown of the Holistic Sleep System:

sleep without sleep training

2. Enrolment 1:1 Success Call (valued at $199)

Within 2 weeks of enrolment you will receive a one-on-one call with me so that I can maximise your results.


It’s important to understand that the sleep component of the Holistic Sleep System is a framework.


It’s not a cookie cutter schedule and that is why I like to walk side by side with you to find what is best for your unique family.

sleep without sleep training

3. Weekly group calls for 6 months (valued at $499)

Submit your question each week for the call and if you can’t make it live the replay is always available to watch at your convenience.


If you can make the live call — it’s like mini personalised sessions where you and I will chat and I’ll help you with whatever you need.

gentle sleep program

4. Ongoing access to the Private Facebook Community (valued at $299).

Get support from me Monday – Friday in the group and celebrate your wins with our community of like-minded mamas. 

Bonuses (Value $399)

Enrol now and you’ll also get these 3 bonuses totally free!

Bonus One

Scripts for what to say when you are given unwanted advice or criticism regarding your parenting choices.

Bonus Two

How to get your partner on the same page with sleep. A workbook designed to help you navigate tension and conflict over differing ideas on sleep methods.

Bonus Three

Parent Hack: babywearing for the win! Bonus lesson on the benefits of babywearing and types of carriers. Plus safety cheat sheet.

That’s a Total Value of $1895

But if you purchase today you can 

choose from one of the options below….  

Option 1
One Payment of $697

Option 2
Six monthly payments
of $116

5 star review
sleep without sleep training
5 star review
5 star review
sleep without sleep training

Is the Mama & Me Resilience Method for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if...

what happens when you enrol

  1. Enrol in the Mama & Me Resilience Method  – we’ll process your payment over the phone.
  2. You’ll receive an email with all of the details 
  3. Get immediate access to the program and start implementing straight away!
andrea fallon

Hey, I'm andrea

I’m a midwife and child health nurse with 15 years experience, an accredited neuroprotective developmental care practitioner and holistic sleep coach, and most importantly I’m a mum of 2 little girls.


Following significant sleep difficulties with my eldest daughter I completed additional training in the fields of sleep, feeding and perinatal mental health support and began to focus my work solely on supporting mums in this area.


So I created a method which has been successful for me personally and professionally, I love what I do!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have ongoing access to the online holistic sleep system and Facebook group and support from me via group calls and questions in the group for 6 months

I’m not aware of any other holistic sleep systems that have been created by a health professional that offer not only the tools and strategies, but also the level of support I offer, for 6 months. This program is designed to transform your experience, not simply give you more information.

 No. I define sleep training as any strategy that involves ignoring your little one’s communication – my approach is responsive to your baby’s communication and therefore I don’t teach any sleep training strategies at all.

No, my approach is all about freedom from clock watching and sitting home all day in a dark room.

Yes, eventually all babies will eventually sleep through the night. But the mums I work with are in a hard place and not enjoying motherhood and I don’t want that for anyone. I created this program so that we could optimise everything for you NOW and so you could enjoy life again NOW. When I’m experiencing a hard time myself, the question I always ask myself is – how long am I ok with feeling like this? And that usually guides my answer as to my next steps.

This happens from time to time. One of the bonuses in the program is a workbook that guides you through how to get on the same page as your partner with sleep, and that is something I offer support with – it would be ideal if your partner came to our 1:1 calls so we could work through this. 

Yes. My program is very action focused – there are more tools to help you use the framework of the science and put it into practice and there is a heap of ongoing support to help you implement the science for your situation – as well as additional tools such as how to emotionally support your little one with a new caregiver. Actually a number of my clients were already trying to implement the Possums approach when they signed up for my program.

Due to the extensive amount of support I offer my clients I don’t offer refunds.

Ready to get more rest?

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