Returning to paid work bundle




The returning to paid work bundle will help you set yourself (and your little one) up for a smooth transition as you head back into the workforce.


Once you have a plan in place you can be confident that you will navigate this time with minimal disruption to your baby’s patterns.


The bundle includes lessons and tasks that will help you to create a plan around:

How to choose the right caregiver

How to manage feeds when returning to paid work (breastfeeds, expressing and formula)

How to ensure continuity with your chosen caregiver in relation to your baby’s sleep and feeds


Downloadables include:

Planning guide for managing breastfeeds

Cheatsheet: Questions to ask a potential caregiver

Communication guide: Summary of the approach to feeds and sleep

Sleep plan and log sheet

Paced bottlefeeding checklist – including how to calculate what your baby needs

Feeding log sheet


Once you have purchased the bundle, the link to access it will be on your purchase email.