4 of Perth’s best mums and bubs fitness classes

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We’re all pretty aware of the benefits of exercise; stronger bones, improved mood, greater energy levels, better cardiovascular health and a more restful sleep – to name a few – but as mums there can be so many (perceived and real) barriers!

Lack of time, a ‘tiredness factor’ that just doesn’t ever seem to disappear, a baby who is still fed ‘on demand,’ a lack of childcare and even a dose of the guilts at taking some time out to exercise. Combine one or all of these factors with concerns about your pelvic floor or abdominal separation and it can all seem too hard.

With all of this in mind we have put together a list of some of Perth’s best options for mums and bubs fitness.

These classes are run by professionals trained to work with mums and mums-to-be, they understand your requirements and really want to help you achieve health in a holistic way.

With everything from bootcamp style and strength training, to pilates, yoga and even massage, there is something here for everyone.


Location: Carine

Jody from MumaBubs holds a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, is a Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia, and specialises in pre – and postnatal exercise. She is also passionate about women exercising safely during the entire journey of becoming and being a mum.

I want to help mums to be energised, strong, fit and healthy, inside and out, at every stage. I believe that the postnatal period does not end once your baby is no longer a newborn. Issues with the pelvic floor, pelvic instability, weakness with your core and even finding the time to exercise with the extra demands of being a mum, do not go away after your 6-week post-natal check.

Jody has tailored her services accordingly and offers:
MumaBumps: Group training for pregnant women.  For Mumas only – no little people at these sessions. These sessions enable mums-to-be to exercise safely and sensibly during their pregnancy, maintaining their fitness and strength, while learning tools in preparation for labour and meeting other expectant mums.

NewMuma: A 4-week program for new mums, where babies and young children are welcome at every session. The program is designed to provide a gradual and safe return to exercise by rebuilding from the inside-out and re-training muscles to recruit correctly. The focus of the program is on re-activating and regaining endurance and strength in the areas most affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

MoveMuma: Higher intensity group training for mums who have recovered from pregnancy and birth (ideally from 4 months postpartum),  where babies and young children are welcome at every session. These are circuit-style workouts, with multiple exercise stations where you will either be undertaking a cardio-based or strength-based exercise. It will always include some core strengthening and endurance, and a good stretch.

MumaTime: Core and postural strength training for mums. These sessions are for Mumas only, as at MumaBubs we believe every mum deserves and needs a little “muma time!” These are Pilates-inspired sessions, utilising different props and exercise equipment to provide continual improvements in functional movement patterns and deep abdominal and postural strength.

Online customised Body Empowerment Coaching with all of the benefits of having a personal trainer, but with more accessibility to ongoing guidance, support, explanation and accountability AND you don’t have to go to the gym!

For more info head to the MumaBubs website.

BLOOM YOGA: Pregnancy, Postnatal and Women’s Yoga

Location: Duncraig

Yoga for pregnancy, birth and baby is at the heart of Bloom yoga. Classes are small, inclusive and nurturing, and with more than 9 years teaching in Perth and surrounds, Bloom teachers are some of Perth’s most experienced.

A range of holistic classes are offered, including:
Pregnancy yoga focuses on mindful breathing, movement and relaxation, while the ‘Yoga for Active Birth’ classes intend to educate and empower parents and partners on how to plan and prepare for the process of labour using yoga: breath and visualisation, mindfulness, movement and postures.

‘Mum & Baby‘ yoga is a series of gentle postnatal classes sequenced so that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga: breathing, movement, strengthening, toning & relaxation while engaging and playing with your baby.  Mums are welcome to join the class anytime following birth, however ,it is recommend to wait at least 4-6 weeks following vaginal birth and 8 weeks following a caesarean birth (please check with your care provider).

Moving on from early motherhood, the Women’s Wellness Series is designed with nurturing and self-care at the forefront.  For those parents looking to give their children the gift of yoga, the family classes, mother + daughter plus kids and teens classes are fun and engaging.

For more info head to the Bloom Yoga website.


Location: Leederville

Jennifer from Phitkit is a qualified personal trainer and certified pre – and postnatal exercise coach, who is passionate about coaching her clients to achieve results that they never thought were possible. She’s also all about balance.

At PhitKit, we enjoy being active and living a healthy lifestyle. We also treasure our leisure time and love to indulge in delicious foods. PhitKit is here to share health and fitness tips, with the hope to inspire everyone to attain balance, without feeling deprived or guilty.

Jennifer offers two main programs for mums. The first is her Mums with Bubs Fitness program; postnatal exercise classes uniquely formulated to meet the needs of mums wishing to exercise with their babies, toddlers and young children nearby. It includes light cardio and low impact aerobic exercises along with a circuit of functional body-weight resistant exercises. The classes are designed with pelvic floor and abdominal separation concerns in mind.

All mums who have had their 6 week clearances from their doctor and completed a health screening questionnaire are welcome to join.

Jennifer’s specialist Core and Pelvic Floor Postnatal Exercise Program is for mums with babies and runs over 5 weeks. This semi-private exercise program is designed to help you reconnect with your core and pelvic floor, strengthen your abdominal muscles, flatten your stomach, eliminate back pain and other common post-pregnancy pain and addresses unwelcome changes to your pelvic floor.

This program includes: one-on-one support; weekly – email follow-ups, exercise program and pelvic floor exercise program; and a real-time ultrasound pelvic floor assessment and how to care for your postnatal body conducted by a women’s health physiotherapist.

Recommended for mums with babies ages 6 weeks to approximately 12 months old.

For more info head to the Phitkit website.

SHAPE OF HARMONY: Private Post-natal Yoga Classes and Holistic Programs

Location: mobile

Renata from Shape of Harmony is a qualified multi-style yoga teacher (trained in India) and qualified Balinese massage therapist, who has a passion for holistic health where the body, mind and emotions are in balance.

I use my in-depth knowledge and voice of intuition to empower my students and help them to rebalance in life and find a joyful place within themselves again. As a mother, your mental and emotional state influences your child’s development, I can help you restore balance through yoga and my holistic programs.

Renata’s Private Postnatal Yoga classes focus on rebuilding strength; particularly the pelvic floor and abdominal area, boosting energy levels and releasing tension from the back and shoulders that builds from holding your baby for long periods of time. She uses meditation, breathing and other relaxation methods to help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Individual yoga classes can be held at your home, while your child is having a nap or sleeping. You don’t have to struggle to find a nanny and pay additional costs. Or you can arrange to have your sessions outdoors if that suits your needs better. Group sessions are an option, for example, mother’s groups that would like to have a private class.

You can start 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and 8+ weeks after a caesarean with consent from your GP if you feel up to it.

Alternatively, the Holistic Postnatal Program includes everything found in the private postnatal yoga session plus a 60 min Balinese massage to for the ultimate in relaxation. Balinese massage is an ancient technique of Indonesian relaxation massage that combines; Chinese acupressure, Hindu ayurveda, reflexology, yoga elements and traditional massage techniques.

For more info head to the Shape of Harmony website.

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