6 of Perth’s best mums and bubs fitness classes

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We’re all pretty aware of the benefits of exercise; stronger bones, improved mood, greater energy levels, better cardiovascular health and more restful sleep – to name a few – but as mums there can be so many (perceived and real) barriers!


Lack of time, a ‘tiredness factor’ that just doesn’t ever seem to disappear, a baby who is still fed ‘on-demand,’ a lack of childcare and even a dose of the guilts at taking some time out to exercise. Combine one or all of these factors with concerns about your pelvic floor or abdominal separation and it can all seem too hard.


With all of this in mind, we have put together a list of some of Perth’s best options for mums and bubs fitness.


These classes are run by professionals trained to work with mums and mums-to-be, they understand your requirements and really want to help you achieve health in a holistic way.


With everything from boot camp style and strength training, to pilates, yoga and even massage, there is something here for everyone.


This article is sponsored by the businesses listed however we genuinely love what they offer mums!


BLOOM YOGA: Pregnancy, Postnatal and Women’s Yoga

Location: Kingsley

Yoga for pregnancy, birth and baby is at the heart of Bloom yoga. Classes are small, inclusive and nurturing. Owner Sara has been teaching these classes for 10 years, she began teaching when her daughter was just 11 days old!  Sara says…


Over the years, I’ve come to understand and realise that what mums need is nurturing.  They don’t need a class where they’re working hard or trying to get back something they have supposedly ‘lost’ i.e. their body!


Rather this class is about embracing change, the often foggy, messy changes that come with motherhood: our new body, our new baby and our new role.  It’s less about having to DO, and learning how to just BE: be still, be present and find some joy and connection with our baby without the weight of responsibility.


As well as being a qualified pre and postnatal specialist and a Level 3 Yoga Australia teacher, Sara has been training other yoga teachers for the last 3 years in this modality. Sara is also a Yoga Therapist, so her approach to working with women is often a therapeutic one.


bloom yoga, mums and bubs fitness perth


A range of holistic classes are offered, including:
Pregnancy yoga focuses on mindful breathing, movement and relaxation. Courses are for beginners at any stage of pregnancy and run for 5 weeks.


The Yoga for Active Birth workshop educates mums-to-be and their birth partner on how to use movement and mindfulness techniques to prepare and plan for their baby’s birth and beyond. This is a 3-hour workshop and is recommended from 20 weeks onwards – the sooner the better!


Mum & Baby yoga is a series of gentle postnatal classes sequenced so that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga: breathing, movement, strengthening, toning & relaxation while engaging and playing with your baby.


Mums are welcome to join the class anytime following birth, however, it is recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks following a vaginal birth and 8 weeks following a caesarean birth (please check with your care provider). This course runs for 4 weeks or 8 weeks.


I absolutely love mums and bubs yoga. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the house with my little one in a safe and fun activity. Its a lovely bonding experience and I can’t wait to attend next term. Thanks Sara!
Carla, September 2019


Moving on from early motherhood, Bloom Yoga offers Parents’ yoga for parents of babies, crawlers and toddlers. The emphasis on the class is for parents to practice yoga, while children are welcome to come and may even mimic some of the postures. Class size is limited to just 12 parents, allowing ample room for the kids to move around if they wish.


There are also yoga classes for kids (ages 4 and up) and teens.


For more info head to the Bloom Yoga website.



Location: Multiple locations around Perth and Mandurah

FitRight is owned by Women’s Health Physiotherapist Taryn Watson, who is passionate about providing widespread access to physio-led, pelvic-floor friendly exercise options for women during their childbearing years.


These pregnancy, mums and bubs and mums-only fitness classes are a mix of low impact cardio, core and resistance work and are specifically designed to be suitable for women who suffer from common issues such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, joint pain and abdominal muscle separation.


FitRight, mums and bubs fitness Perth


Class costs can be claimed on private health insurance. Please note that all exercise classes are run in 6-week course blocks and an initial assessment with a physiotherapist is a pre-requisite.


Bump&Me Pregnancy Pilates: Suitable for women at any stage of pregnancy, these pilates-style classes aim to optimise strength, flexibility and posture, with a specific focus on pelvic floor muscle activation. Education about pregnancy and postnatal topics is given throughout the classes by the physiotherapist instructors.


Bump&Me Aqua: These classes involve low impact cardiovascular exercise in the water. They have a specific focus on stretching tight muscles and joints, and pelvic floor muscle training to prepare for birth and the postnatal period. Suitable for expectant mums at any stage of pregnancy.


Baby&Me Postnatal Pilates: Suitable for mums with babies approximately 8 weeks to 12 months old. This course has the option to add on a 20-30 minute baby massage and developmental play routine first before the exercise class begins.


Community volunteers are usually present to look after the babies, they will be in the same area as you while you exercise so that you can easily attend to your child.


This is a beginner postnatal class aimed at promoting optimal posture, flexibility and strength with a specific focus on abdominal and pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation.


Toddler&Me Fitness Classes:  Suitable for Mums with children approximately 6 months to 4 years of age. Exercise in this intermediate to advanced postnatal exercise class is aimed at functional rehabilitation and low impact cardio workouts with a specific focus on abdominal and pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. Community volunteers are available to play with the children.


MumTime Fitness Classes: Suitable for Mums with children approximately 6 months to 4 years of age (Mums of older children also welcome). These classes involve intermediate to advanced Pilates exercise, functional rehabilitation and low impact cardio workouts with a specific focus on abdominal and pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. No children or volunteers at these evening classes.


MumTime Aqua: Suitable for mums who are at least 2 months postpartum. Evening aqua aerobics classes for mums means some important ‘me time’ (no children or volunteers at these evening classes).


FitRight has also launched a private membership option with access to pre and postnatal workout videos, live Q&A’s and educational videos on different topics to do with pelvic floor health, pregnancy and the postnatal period.


For more info on classes or to book head to the FitRight website.


MUMABUBS – Fitness Specialist for Mums

Location: Carine & Duncraig

The postnatal period does not end once your baby is no longer a newborn. Issues with the pelvic floor, pelvic instability, weakness with your core and even finding the time to exercise with the extra demands of being a mum, do not go away after your 6-week postnatal check.


MumaBubs sessions have been specifically designed for mums enabling a gradual and safe return to exercise. Focusing on rebuilding from the inside out, sessions are designed to work towards achieving a solid strength base to empower mums to feel energised and give them the confidence and strength to cope with the physical and emotional demands of motherhood.


And Jody Secker, the founder and head trainer of MumaBubs, is a mum of two herself, so she understands that fitting in time to workout is challenging at the best of times.


mumabubs, mums and bubs fitness perth


Even if you can fit it in, sometimes there is the additional challenge of finding someone to care for your little ones while you take that time for you. So, little ones are always welcome to join their mums at MumaBubs sessions.


Collaborating with Body Beyond Baby means that MumaBubs clients are supported by a passionate team of mum-focused fitness trainers and businesses, who are all accredited and experienced in working with mums, and are collectively raising the standard of the fitness industry when it comes to women’s health.


MoveMuma Fit sessions are safe and effective workouts designed to work up a sweat and feel fit, energised and strong!


During every group exercise session you undertake a cardio-based or strength-based exercise. There is always the inclusion of core connection, strength and endurance, and a really good stretch to ensure you get a fabulous well-rounded workout and feel ready to take on the day ahead.


A MoveMuma Fit Membership provides more than just weekly fitness classes, it is a whole lifestyle approach to supporting mums on their fitness and health journey to thrive as the woman they are and the mother they have become.


MoveMuma Restore is 4-week small group program which is just what is needed to nurture your after baby body and rebuild your confidence and strength.


Specifically designed for mums, enabling a gradual and safe return to exercise by rebuilding from the inside out and re-training muscles to recruit correctly, the focus of the MoveMuma Restore sessions is to re-activate and regain endurance and strength in the areas most affected by pregnancy and childbirth.


Body Empowerment Personal Coaching: If you’re looking for flexibility in your training times, guaranteed results if you stick to your plan and exercises designed specifically towards your own goals and personal health history, then Body Empowerment Personal Coaching is the safest and most effective way to maximise your effort and your investment!


For more information head to the MumaBubs website.



Looking for stylish pregnancy and nursing activewear?

MummActiv is a Perth-based company offering functional clothing for active mums and mums to be.

3/4 pregnancy postpartum leggings

Check out their range




Location: Belmont

MJ, owner of Active Mamas by MJ, is a holistic health & fitness coach and accredited Exercise Scientist with Exercise & Sport Science Australia. She also holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology, pregnancy and gestational diabetes and was recently awarded Australia’s Exercise Scientist of the Year 2019 for her outstanding work in maternal health and fitness.


MJ is the founder of the Active Mama Tribe on Facebook, offering monthly walking, exercise and eat-the-rainbow challenges to help mums focus in on simple changes towards better health and fitness.


MJ also runs an 8-week online coaching program that teaches mums her Bloom Method which helps mums create an active, healthy lifestyle through her step-wise method. Click here for more information.


My classes welcome children of all ages, because not everyone has family close by or likes the crèche. Creating opportunities for active, healthy mums and active healthy children –  that’s what I do. Let’s be active & fit because we are mums.


mums and bubs fitness perth


MJ offers 8 types of classes on her timetable:

Mama Fitness –  Be functionally fit for motherhood. Strengthen the muscles used for lifting children, carrying shopping and playing! Improve your aerobic fitness at the same time. A circuit-style class for mums with babies over 6 months old. A focus on core-pelvic floor reconnection and breathing, with a total body conditioning to finish. Children always welcomed.

Flex & Flo – Flexibility, like strength, can be trained and improved. Give yourself some time each week to breathe deeply and lengthen your tensed muscles and increase mobility in your spine. Feel tall and strong once you have completed this class that combines classic yoga and Pilates movements. The sessions finish with a 5-minute meditation to centre and ground yourself for the rest of the week.

HIIT Mama High-Intensity Interval Training. For fitter mums who want an intense, short workout so they can get on with the rest of their day.

Strong Mama For mums who love carrying heavy things ? Focus on technique and heavy lifting to improve strength. Suitable for mums who have been exercising for at least 6 months after having a baby.

Fit4all – Bootcamp styled class for all.

Core4all  Abs (all types of them), glutes and shoulder stability workout. Strengthen from inside out!

Box4all – Fitness Boxing Class – Agility and Speed and FUN with boxing.

Yoga with Bec – Honour your body and centre your soul. Come for a relaxing yoga session with Rebecca of Rebecca Brown Yoga.


Click here to find out more or book a session


Free Monthly Challenges: Join The Active Mama Tribe on Facebook for more information on the monthly 100,000 step challenge and the Eat-the-Rainbow Challenge. Heaps of prizes up for grabs!



Location: Chidlow

With qualified staff and a purpose-built studio 4 Fun & Health provide a holistic health and fitness service for the whole family.


There are options for small group or personal training sessions, tailored to suit your needs, from pregnancy to mums and bubs, as well as sessions with teenage children because our need to continue to be fit and healthy doesn’t stop as our children grow.


We believe in creating a lifestyle that you don’t need to ‘escape’ from, that incorporates your needs being met week in, week out – we really are here to simplify the process for you. – Karen, owner


4 Fun & Health also offer sports massage and nutritionally sound pre-made meals to take home for yourself or the whole family, as well as a Royal Life Saving Society endorsed swim school where they provide swim lessons for the whole family to enjoy, starting from 4 months old.


mums and bubs fitness perth


Fitness: From personal training to small group sessions, 4 Fun & Health provide a range of fitness training options, tailored to your individual needs. There are existing Mums and Bubs sessions that can be joined or created by a group of friends coming together at a time that suits each week. Their whole family sessions are also a bit hit, helping everyone grow stronger together.


Health: Pre-made meals and sports massage options add additional support for you to be able to continue when time is limited or the body and/or mind is needing some extra support.


Swimming Lessons:  Lake Lesch Lessons allow for children to be able to learn to swim in a natural body of water and develop the skills and capacity to enjoy all there is to do in open waters.


Available from 4 months of age (under 12 months are in indoor heated pools), Royal Life Saving Society endorsed and AustSwim qualified instructors, we offer in-term and private lessons.


In-term lessons follow the RLSS curriculum while private lessons are adapted to what you or your child would like to focus on, including; water skills, stroke development, water safety and around the pool awareness.


To find out more, head to their website.



Location: Cottesloe

Eric St Physiotherapy offers a range of services, with a focus on women’s health and wellbeing and a holistic approach in supporting women during pregnancy and postnatally.


eric st physio


Enjoy physio-led and pelvic-floor friendly exercise classes including:


Preparation for labour and birth through individually tailored, small group Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates-inspired programmes that help to safely maintain fitness and tone throughout.


Small group Postnatal and Mums and Bubs exercise sessions held in a fully equipped Pilates studio and functional training gym, with a great view and amazing coffee shop downstairs!


Eric St physios are not only experienced in musculoskeletal issues but have extra training in women’s health (and are mums themselves).


To find out more CLICK HERE.


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