6 things to do on a rainy day with kids

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Just like many aspects of parenting, the weather is something that we can not predict or control.

There are times when the weather just does not want to cooperate and you are left with children itching to do something but your options are limited.

However wet weather does not need to mean the end of anything fun. There are still so many things to do on a rainy day with kids.


6 of our favourite things to do on a rainy day with kids.


1. Craft time

Craft is a great activity to do at any time. Equip the kids with an array of different colours papers, glue sticks, safety scissors and paddle pop sticks. They will be kept occupied and amused for hours on end.

Craft is a great activity for children as it is not only fun but it also helps to develop their hand-eye coordination skills, their concentration and their imagination.


things to do on a rainy day with kids


2. Messy play

As soon as you think messy play, you think it sounds like something that should be done outside right? If you can do messy play outside it is a great idea however, it can still be done inside.

Set up a few different containers with different elements such as sand, flour, rice and water (with a little bit of food colouring.)

The aim of messy play is to let your children play with the different elements, textures and colours, and use their imagination to create different objects when mixing the elements.


3. Window painting

This one is great for rainy days. Pop the kids in front of a large, low window or glass door and give them an assortment of washable paints. Get them to paint what they see outside on the window.

Not only is this activity fun but it’s also a way to sit and talk to your children about the different aspects of nature that they can see outside of the windows, talk about the animals and the different types of weather.

Don’t forget a paint shirt though!


4. Nature treasure hunt

Once the rain starts to settle, there is no need to stay inside. Rug up with gumboots and raincoats and head outside to see the different aspects of nature after the rainfall. Have your children find natural objects throughout the yard or park. Get them to bring you different rocks, leaves and flowers.

Use this to not only get them outside but to help them understand the elements that make up the environment and how it all comes together.

It’s a common misconception that being outside in cold air makes us sick but actually, the opposite is true (unless a pre-existing respiratory condition is present). Children who play regularly in natural settings are sick less often.

This is likely to be due to a number of factors including greater physical activity levels, less stress, exposure to fresh air and natural elements such as dirt, water, leaves and sticks, that can help to stimulate the immune system.

Check out more nature play activities here.


things to do on a rainy day with kids


5. Visit an aquarium

It may be a little wet for a park or the zoo but it doesn’t mean you need to stay locked up at home. Take the kids out for the day to the local aquarium where you can talk about animals that live in water. There will be plenty for them to see and do whilst they are out and it will be a day filled with lots of fun and excitement.

Either pack a lunch or treat them to lunch whilst you are out.

Make a full day of the experience.


6. Muddy puddles

Did someone say Peppa Pig?

It doesn’t matter what age your children are, chances are if they see a big puddle from the rain – they are going to want to jump in it. So why not make an activity of it?

Old clothes, gumboots and raincoats are a must for this activity. Find a local park or even your own yard where a few good puddles have formed and let them go wild jumping in them.


nature activities for toddlers, nature play ideas, things to do on a rainy day with kids


Not only is this SO much fun, but it also gets them out of the house and into a sensory activity outside. They will also be able to practice their jumping skills and get covered in mud – which everyone loves.

Straight into a warm bubble bath afterwards and you will be the best parent ever!


Rainy days do not need to mean boring and gloomy activities. There is still plenty to see and things to do on a rainy day with kids. You can choose activities within the home or you can venture out for the day.


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