Why meditation is not as hard as you think

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Written by Narelle Weir, Meditation Instructor at Serenity Wellness Collective.


A comment I often hear from mums is that they don’t have time to meditate and my response is…


Meditation is not as hard as you think – you just need to start.

Meditation is like working any muscle in your body. It’s not about quietening or emptying your mind but more
about focusing your mind on a particular object, thought or activity (such as breath meditation) and bringing attention and awareness.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation promotes a mentally clear, emotionally calm state and therefore may enhance overall wellbeing. This leads to a number of health benefits including:


To find more information on Narelle’s weekly classes click here.


At first, I was that mum who was ‘too busy’…


Initially, I believed that I couldn’t do meditation because I was too busy and I thought that I would be unable to ‘switch off.’


Mums often put ourselves last, prioritising our children, partner and even friends before our own health.


3 years ago I treated myself to a ‘Balance Break’ in the south-west and it was here that I was introduced to meditation. Having nowhere else to be and no children around me, I had no choice but to give it a try.


At first, my mind would wander but after a period of time, I surprised even myself that I could sit, close my eyes and focus on my breath. The mental clarity and calm that came over me was beautiful.


If I had to describe in one word what meditation means to me it would be “balance.”

Meditation is the art of being able to relax the body quickly, calm the mind and bring the body back into a state of balance.


Following my retreat, I continued my practice at home and came to realise that essential oils and meditation were a
beautiful combination and work synergistically.


The benefits of meditation have not been limited to me, they have extended to my family as well. Last year we endured some difficult times as most families do, and on a recent trip away my husband acknowledged and commented “you wouldn’t have coped with what we’ve been through if you hadn’t been doing this” (oils and meditation).


Meditation is your practice – you make it what you want it to be, there is no right or wrong.


I now run small, intimate, weekly guided meditation classes in Winthrop and love seeing the difference in people after class.


In my classes, we begin with a focus essential oil and take just 5 minutes to inhale, listen to the benefits and properties of the oil and how it will benefit the meditation.


I encourage participants to sit, lay or pose however they feel comfortable; it is their meditation, I am simply there as a guide.


Some have had a busy day and will lay for the whole class, others will take up a pose slightly different to my own.


This is the perfect class for anyone, whether they are a regular at meditation or new to the practice. We finish each class with herbal tea and a homemade oil-infused treat.


serenity wellness collective, meditationMy passion and vision for Serenity Wellness Collective has always been to bring together all areas of health holistically and share with my community.


Take some time for yourself, I would love to have you join me.

Head to my booking page for more information.


If you would like to access Narelle’s free short meditation series please join our Natural Mama Club Facebook group and find the videos in the Units section.



This post is sponsored by Serenity Wellness Collective.

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